Thermal Transfer Powder Coating


High Quality Thermal Transfer Powder Coating Supplier

Hubei Binheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of the best thermal transfer powder coating on the global market. When we produced the first Runjia powder, our business was given a new name. We are located in Block 3 of Jinqiao Industrial Park in Huandiqiao Town, Daye City. Our company will provide you with the best high-temperature powder coating solution, so you can rely on us. We put a lot of effort into becoming the first national powder coating facility in China.

Range of Coatings of Thermal Transfer Powder

Top class thermal transfer powder coating is the process of applying heat transfer printing to a powder-coated surface. The heat transfer paper or films can successfully transfer images and patterns to the coated surface due to the properly developed coating’s composition. This creates a range of coatings, including some that have patterns that resemble stone, marble, and wood.

The metal substrate has a roughness close to the wood, and the heat-transfer printed powder coating is an electrostatic thermosetting powder coating with heat-transfer engineering. The equipment and materials listed below are required for heat transfer printing:

1) A set-up for electrostatic coating including a burner for curing

2) The application of powder coating in heat transfer printing

3) A printer that transfers heat

Wide Range of Series

We presently provide a wide range of colors, variations, and four series. As one of the leading manufacturers of metal powder and top thermal transfer powder coating, our company also offers more than 1,000 production formulas. The three main items are plastic powder for appliances, external automobile powder, and radiator powder.

The temperature and heat resistance of our thermal transfer powder coating is good. Additionally resistant to the chemical environment is our product.

You may purchase anti-corrosion and top-quality thermal transfer powder coating from Hubei Binheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Our thermal transfer powder coatings may be applied to numerous locations and divisions.