Metal Powder

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Binheng metal powder series can be used as indoor and outdoor products, the system is not limited, and it is widely used in building materials, furniture, electrical appliances, general industry, communication, information technology, and other important fields.

Among them, Binheng 500 series metal powder is specially designed for the construction industry. It has good weather resistance and good mortar resistance, and fully meets the requirements of outdoor aluminum coating.


Leading Metal Powder Manufacturers in China

With a 33-acre manufacturing industrial park, an R&D facility, a marketing facility, and more than 300 staff members, we are a respected supplier and also the best metal powder manufacturers. Our business has an effective management structure, contemporary, fully automated milling and testing equipment, and a quality control system.

One of the major producers of metal powder in the world, Binheng, exports its goods to more than 40 nations. Iron and iron alloy powders, copper and copper alloys, nickel, and other metals are the company’s major products. Our customers use the metal powders we supply for a variety of applications. Including 3D printing, magnets, batteries, and powder metallurgy. People employ them in numerous different industries, including casting, manufacturing, chemical, aerospace, and manufacturing. We are among the leading metal powder manufacturers in China.

Key Benefits For You

One of the key benefits is that powder metal manufacturing is a net or almost net process with minimal waste that is why we are top-class metal powder manufacturers. PM is substantially more efficient and environmentally beneficial than decreasing geometry and materials. It is to create a part because it doesn’t waste any metal. Due to the relationship between computer-aided manufacturing and PM, you can design the parts simultaneously. So it can optimize their weight, strength, stiffness, and hardness. As one of the top metal powder manufacturers, this is important for applications where it’s crucial to keep weight to a minimum, like in the aerospace industry.

Applications of Metal Powder

The application of powder metal products is what you can find in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, marine, and biomedicine. The lining of friction brakes, light bulb filaments, automotive engine components, medical devices, and bearings lubricant-infiltrated are only a few examples. These are examples of everyday items that you may manufacture using PM.

Additionally, you can use the PM in less typical applications including heat shields for spacecraft. Typically during re-entry, electrical connectors for extremely high current flows, and gas filters. PM creates items that we can use as prototypes or in full operation. Better methods for producing and heat treating PM components are what you can develop. Applications will grow and PM parts will be what you use in more applications. You must choose us among other anti corrosion and metal powder manufacturers in China.