Low Temperature Powder Coating


Compared with the curing conditions of conventional powders ( 200°, 10 minutes), Binheng low-temperature curing powder series products greatly reduce the baking temperature, and achieve excellent chemical and mechanical properties under the curing conditions of 120° and 20 minutes.


Sustainable Low Temperature Powder Coating

Low-bake powders are what you design to keep the physical and chemical integrity of the coatings while lowering the baking and curing temperatures in the oven. By guaranteeing a homogeneous surface and gloss level, the distinct melt flow and viscosity create a protective covering with superior over-bake resistance. There are numerous chemistries, colors, gloss levels, and finishes available for this powder.

To save energy while curing and increase line speed for increased productivity, a Low temperature powder coating is the one. Our low-temperature curing powder coatings combine high weather resistance with a low curing temperature. These sustainable low-temperature drying powder coatings improve output while saving energy.

In China, we are a well-known supplier of the Low temperature powder coating. Binheng’s low-temperature curing powder series products significantly lower the baking temperature compared to typical powders’ curing conditions (200°, 10 minutes), and they achieve outstanding chemical and mechanical qualities at curing temperatures of 120° and 20 minutes.

For our clients, our low-temperature powder coating is of the highest caliber. Our trained team monitors the quality at every stage.

Advantages You Will Get

The benefits of using low-temperature curing powder are what you highlight when painting massive steel components. Such as gigantic steel beams, agricultural machinery, tractors, mining machinery, and vehicle bodywork. Because the powder coating dries at lower component temperatures. Low-temperature curing powder coatings cure at a temperature that obviously uses less energy than regular powder coatings.

Utilizing low-temperature curing powders, powder coating is something you can apply to heat-sensitive substrates. Such as MDF sheets, plywood, plastic, and composite materials. To make non-conductive components suitable for powder coating, specific pre-treatments you must check. There are many pre-treatment processes that you can utilize depending on the substrate.

Given that low-temperature curing powder coatings are more reactive than standard powder coatings. It is essential that the product’s recommended storage temperature never goes out of the limit during any stage of transit, storage, or handling.

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