High Hardness Powder Coating


 Top Quality High Hardness Powder Coating in China

By adding tiny amounts of our best-quality nanomaterials to either liquid or top high hardness powder coating after high-temperature curing, a paint film of organic and inorganic nanostructures is produced on the coating layer’s surface. When put under pressure, this layer of nanofilm provides excellent lubrication, giving the coating a very high hardness factor. It also enhances the surface covering’s ability to withstand friction and scratches. At this time, we are excited to apply this technology to other things that demand high-hardness performance.

Things that Matter to You

  • Properties of highly durable powder coatings
  • Features extraordinary durability and scratch resistance.
  • The hardness is between 4H and 5H.
  • Numerous uses, including use in various powder coatings.

Combining high hardness powder coating with the right metal preparation will result in outstanding corrosion resistance. Powder’s reputation for having exceptional corrosion resistance is what you attribute to its capacity to consistently generate high film builds and outstanding edge coverage. It’s important to remember that powders also provide strong hydrolysis resistance, low oxygen and moisture transfer rates, and films free of any lingering solvent odors.

The Advantage You can Get

One key quality advantage of powder-coated parts is the ability to apply the correct film thickness in a single pass without encountering drop, sag, or run difficulties. Depending on the part’s design and intended use, the optimal film thickness comes in a variety of ways. Powder coatings are now what people use for applications requiring high dielectric strength or excellent corrosion resistance in film thicknesses of more than 15 mils (375 microns). We also provide thermal transfer powder coating for our customers like you. And we also give our best when it comes to the quality of the products. So, we guarantee you will never find any disappointment.

Our best high hardness powder coating provides a high degree of hardness and is scratch-resistant. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned about product scratches. The leading high hardness powder coating offered by Hubei Binheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has exceptional durability. For many company processes, you can utilize our high-hardness powder coating. They are appropriate for powder coatings.