Fluorocarbon Powder Coating

Binheng super weather-resistant series is suitable for a variety of substrates, especially for building profiles, with excellent weather resistance and good resistance to damage to packaging materials.


High-Quality Fluorocarbon Powder Coating in China

Hubei Binheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.’s fully integrated powder-coating process provides extra surface finishing that complies with the International Color Code Standard. And our fluorocarbon powder coating satisfies the constantly expanding consumer needs. This one-coat solution offers a wide variety of solid and metallic colors with various gloss levels and texture finish options. We also sell Conventional Powder Coating if you want to check out our options related to powder coating.

Our Fluorocarbon/Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), in which we electrostatically spray tiny layers of wet paint onto workpieces to create a film, is another excellent finishing technique. This film is then what you heat to polymerize and cure the coating. Fluorocarbon/polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) applied in four coats provides exceptional color consistency against fading and UV rays. We make sure to provide the leading fluorocarbon powder coating in China

Unique Type of Coating

Fluorocarbon powder coating is a recent, fully solid, solvent-free kind of coating. Without a solvent, there is no pollution, the environment is safe, you can conserve resources, and the labor intensity is decreased. And the film has high mechanical strength.

Suitable for building supplies (aluminum profiles, doors, and railings); 3C products, automobile parts, medical technology, real estate, and machinery; There are a variety of various furniture kinds (file cabinet, umbrella rack, cabinet, kitchen), electrical appliances (air conditioner, refrigerator), lighting, bathrooms, workout equipment, baby carriages, and other items.

Fluorocarbon Powder Coating is a unique type of coating; it differs from conventional solvent coating in that it neither contains organic solvent nor water solids. Fluorocarbon Coating is what you apply to surfaces to be coated with the powder above, followed by baking, melting, and curing to form a film coating.

We have devoted a lot of time to researching and developing fluorocarbon powder coating. This coating has become the domestic fluorocarbon powder brand thanks to its superior surface effect, physical, and chemical properties. As a long-term partner in China, we look forward to working with you.