Anti corrosion powder coating


The exclusive design formula of Binheng anti-corrosion powder series products enables them to maintain excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties in various extreme environments, with heavy anti-corrosion and long-term anti-corrosion life.





Specialized Anti Corrosion Powder Coating 

We have a wide range of specialized chemical and anti-corrosion coatings made to resist the harshest manufacturing settings. Mostly while reducing rust and wear. Our improved anti-corrosive coating solutions are what you can use on a variety of industrial products and components. Including hot flocking, electrostatic, fluidized bed, and fluoropolymers (high-build wet coatings).

Our metal coating services offer rust-resistant and anti corrosion powder coating in addition to a range of other options. We offer premium, cost-effective options that deliver excellent quality and value on orders of any size for a variety of metal coatings. Low temperature powder coating is also another popular product of ours.

You can coat the steel to protect it from the damage that continual contact with water can cause. Water can degrade components in addition to affecting performance, increasing the chance of failure at a crucial moment. We can provide steel with the essential anti-corrosive coating to prevent corrosion. As it allows your product to work well even in challenging circumstances.

One-Stop Shop

Metals must be protected from corrosion and rust when you utilize them in environments containing water, high humidity, mist, and salt. A solution might be provided by our company’s comprehensive selection of anti corrosion powder coating treatments.

If you require an expert anti-corrosion coating solution for your industrial metal finishing needs, Binheng is your one-stop shop. Because of our decades of specialized industrial coating knowledge, we can improve your parts and components with a range of high-quality anti-corrosion coating options. If you want a steel-specific anti-rust coating, we can carry it out quickly and effectively.

A Range of Powder Coating

As part of our metal coating services, we provide a range of industrial chemical substitutes as well as coatings that are rust- and corrosion-resistant. We offer premium, cost-effective options that deliver excellent quality and value on orders of any size for a variety of anti-corrosion powder coating.

To stop corrosion and wear damage, steel that you submerge in water for a long time can benefit from the coating. Water damage will reduce the efficiency of your production equipment since it weakens parts and increases the possibility of failure during a crucial phase of the manufacturing process.