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Hubei Binheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed from the original Runjia Powder. The company is located at No. 3, Jinqiao Industrial Park, Huandiqiao Town, Daye City.

We provide customers with an overall solution for high temperature solidifying powder coating, and strive to build the first national brand in domestic China.

Our company is offering a large quantity of Powder Coating Services to all of our valued clients. That totally according to client needs, these coated services are used in many other fields. In addition to this, our offered coated services are done using the latest technology within a limited period.

Architectural coating Services

For our valuable clients, we are providing the best quality of services as a foremost provider of Architectural Coating Service for many years executed by a highly experienced workforce. The products used by us help in offering newly advanced acrylic coatings for both construction and architectural applications. We offer these services at reasonable prices that totally suit your budget.


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    Hubei Binheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd


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    Our Application

    Working Process 1
    Outdoor furniture

    Outdoor furniture

    Working Process 2
    Tourism supplies

    Tourism supplies

    Working Process 3
    Sports fitness equipment

    Sports fitness equipment

    Working Process 4
    Heater piece

    Heater piece

    Working Process 5
    Aluminum veneer

    Aluminum veneer

    Raw Materials

    From raw materials to process technology, from life & health.

    Optimize & Improve

    We continuously optimize and improve the production process

    WHY US

    We are best in the field

    We independently research & develop products, cooperating with universities and chemical industry research institutes



    It is a well-known large-scale powder coating manufacturer in China, which focusing on research & development, production & sales of the electrostatic powder coatings.


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